$3B Crypto Seizure Shows Blockchain’s Security

$3B Crypto Seizure Shows Blockchain’s Security

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Also: New EU Report on Spyware; UK Cybersecurity Technical Director Bids Farewell

Clockwise, from top left: Anna Delaney, Akshaya Asokan, Cal Harrison and Tony Morbin

In the latest weekly update, four editors at Information Security Media Group discuss important cybersecurity and privacy issues, including implications of the seizure of $3.36 billion in stolen bitcoin in Georgia, whether the EU is complicit in the spread of advanced spyware, and the departure of the U.K.’s Dr. Ian Levy, technical director of NCSC, with some important parting words.

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The panelists – Anna Delaney, director, productions; Akshaya Asokan, consultant editor; Cal Harrison, editorial director; and Tony Morbin, executive news editor, EU – discuss:

  • How a Georgia property developer who stole about 50,000 bitcoin from cybercrime dark web site Silk Road in 2012 pleaded guilty to wire fraud this week – and how the immutability of blockchain and good old detective work cracked the case;

  • Highlights from a “farewell blog post” penned by U.K. National Cyber Security Center and GCHQ veteran Dr. Ian Levy, who is leaving his role as NCSC technical director;
  • How a member of the European Parliament accused the European Union of complicity in the spread of advanced spyware within member states and across the globe.

The ISMG Editors’ Panel runs weekly. Don’t miss our previous installments, including the Oct. 21 edition discussing what CISOs can learn from the verdict in the trial of the ex-Uber CSO and the Nov. 4 edition discussing how the ransomware ecosystem is fracturing.

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