AccuRisk Holdings invests in insurtech MyHealthMath

AccuRisk Holdings invests in insurtech MyHealthMath

AccuRisk Holdings, a leader in health solutions innovation has announced an investment in insurtech firm, MyHealthMath.

MyHealthMath combines the power of big data and mathematical modeling with personalised live engagement to give employees, employers, carriers and consultants unparalleled healthcare benefits decision support.

The company is based in Poland, Maine, and has direct and software-as-a-service (SaaS) clients throughout the US.

“We’re delighted to invest in the technology that MyHealthMath has developed. It will augment the technology through our full spectrum of solutions and products,” said AccuRisk Solutions CRO Dave Przesiek.

“We are especially excited about the impact it will have for our D3 product. D3 is a turnkey self-funded medical plan targeting the small and mid-market employer. D3 is built on a data driven decision platform.”

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“This investment illustrates how vital benefit decision support is to the health insurance ecosystem: it helps employees, employers, and partners get more from their health insurance dollar,” says MyHealthMath Founder and CEO Bob Watterson.

“By adding MyHealthMath to their suite of solutions, AccuRisk will deliver greater value to their clients and partners, while leading the way in cost transparency and personalized benefit support.”

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