Coin Bureau Analyst Lays Out Market Sentiments For Crypto In 2023

Coin Bureau Analyst Lays Out Market Sentiments For Crypto In 2023

Investors and traders are still looking for crucial signs that the market is exiting a bear cycle and entering a bull run, despite the fact that prices in the cryptocurrency market have shown strong gains over the past week. Santiment, a blockchain analysis company, tweeted a crucial indicator linked to the top cryptocurrency market participant that has previously served as a forerunner of an impending bull run.

The year 2023 To Be A Slow Accumulation Year For Crypto

A renowned Youtuber and analyst at Coin Bureau is portraying his bullish predictions towards cryptocurrencies. In an interview with Benjamin Cowen, Coin Bureau’s Guy Turner, a prominent analyst, claims that the crypto space will witness cryptocurrencies emerging from their current bear cycle. Guy Turner expects this recovery phase to start around either the late July-September or early October-December quarter.

However, Guy explains that before crypto assets commence their recovery journey, the currencies will first hit local lows. He predicts the cryptocurrencies will hit new local lows anywhere before April.

Guy argues that the year 2023 will be known as one of “slow accumulation” and doesn’t seem to be a spectacularly interesting year for the market. Hence, he warns investors and traders to proceed cautiously before making any trade-related decision.

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