Threshold (T) Tops Weekly Crypto Gains With 88% Surge

Threshold (T) Tops Weekly Crypto Gains With 88% Surge

Threshold (CRYPTO: T) is up 88% in the last seven days, leading the crypto market gains on Monday, recorded at 12 am EST.

Cryptocurrency Gains (+/-) Price (Recorded at 12 a.m. EST)
Threshold +88% $0.045
Aptos +29.28% $18
Mina +29.16% $0.76
Fantom +23.19% $0.47
GMX +21.54% $60.16

What Happened: Apex cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC/USD was up 4.30%. Ethereum ETH/USD gained 0.18% and Dogecoin DOGE/USD was down 1.13% in the last seven days, according to CoinMarketCap.

Cryptocurrency Gains (+/-) Price  (Recorded at 12 a.m. EST)
Bitcoin +4.30% $23,718
Ethereum +0.18% $1,637
Dogecoin -1.13% $0.089

The rally in Threshold’s price came after Coinbase COIN announced its roadmap for the listing of T coin, a signal that Threshold may soon join the Coinbase global exchange.

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The second on the list is Aptos APT/USD which was up 29.28% after Binance opened new liquidity pools for the gaming token in its Liquid Swap offering. 

Binance Liquidity Farming is an automated Market Maker approach that consists of various liquidity pools, each containing two digital tokens that can be traded against each other.

The third on the list is Mina (CRYPTO: MINA), which gained 29.16% in the seven days. The rise came as the community anticipates the bridge between the protocol and Ethereum to be launched soon. 

The fourth on the list is Fantom FTM/USD, which was up 23.19%, trading at $0.47. Last on the list is GMX GMX/USD, with a 21.54% gain. 

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