AI, Sales Prospecting, and What You Need to Know

AI, Sales Prospecting, and What You Need to Know


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a far off distant science fiction dream but instead is here and now and underpinning industries across the world. One area where this can be seen clearly is in the sales process. When implemented correctly, it can integrate with the existing sales process helping businesses of all kinds generate prospects, leads, and sales.

In fact, companies have developed their own suite of AI driven tools that help businesses prospect. Cadence’s sales prospecting tool is a good example of a sales focused AI. With this in mind, let’s explore how AI can drive sales.

What is AI in Sales?

AI is a broad term that covers various technologies. Deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning and computer vision are all examples of AI. When AI is done well it assists humans and makes life that little bit easier. So when you get home from work you may well ask Alexa to switch the lights on. The AI understands what you want, executes your command and confirms that it has been carried out.

From a sales perspective, things get interesting when AI starts to work with large data sets. It is very good at identifying trends and when taken to the nth degree, a good machine learning AI will be able to make predictions and recommendations. The AI will work in the background and the more data it receives the more accurate and better it becomes.

What is interesting here, is that if you feed the AI results of its predictions, it will use this data to influence future analysis and predictions.

A good AI is able to do what humans can do but more quickly and efficiently.

Customer Service

AI in customer service is evolving all the time. Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and can take the load off busy sales staff. The more sophisticated chatbots can direct visitors to the right department or person, but it is becoming apparent that developments in the technology will see chatbots becoming more human like in their responses. If we stay on this path we’ll soon see a time when it will be very difficult to determine if you are having a conversation with a human or an AI.


There can be no denying that AI can automate like a machine. That is of course because it is in part a machine. When set up correctly it can punch out the grind handling jobs such as prospecting for clients on platforms such as LinkedIn. It can score prospects allowing the sales team to prioritize who to target first. 

Of course, automation also equals speed and learning. So once the AI has all the data and has been set up correctly, it will drive productivity and profit.

The simple fact is that when AI gets involved in automation, the company can focus on converting leads into sales.

AI brings a new dimension to the whole sales process. From predictions and recommendations to chopping through the nitty-gritty that is crucial yet so time consuming to sales.

A lot has been written about AI but we are now seeing what it can do in the real world. And it’s exciting.

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