Artificial intelligence could be a ‘real threat’ to jobs, computer expert says

Artificial intelligence could be a ‘real threat’ to jobs, computer expert says

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Artificial intelligence. You are going to begin hearing a lot more about it.

AI, as it is called, is coming to your home, your job, your life in ways you never thought possible. At least, that is what computer experts are saying.

AI has the ability to improve your life and take care of tasks both menial and major. It also might eliminate your job and the jobs of many people you know.

Computer expert Alan Crowetz is the president and CEO of Infostream. He is focused on what he, and many others, think is groundbreaking change.

“My world is blowing up about this. There’s this thing called ChatGPT. It’s AI, a computer trained so well, it can write and do things better than most people can do it,” Crowetz said.

Crowetz introduced me to ChatGPT and its cousin, Dall-E, an AI with an artistic flair.

He asked Dall-E to “show me a monk going through a purple portal.” Seconds later, it did.

“It is neat and creative, and scary. A computer is analytical, I get [that], but creative. How do you get creative?” Crowetz said.

OpenAI, the company behind these AI marvels, had them digest hundreds of millions of articles: science, art, philosophy, etc.

“Artificial intelligence is teaching computers to think like humans do, to reason, to draw their own conclusions, to come up with unique concepts,” Crowetz said.

AI could help us with a lot of work we take for granted. What what happens if it is your work?

“This is a real threat to a lot of jobs,” Crowetz said.

“Can this AI help me with tax questions?” WPTV anchor Michael Williams asked Crowetz.

“It can,” Crowetz answered.

“Can it help me with accounting questions?” Williams asked.

“It can,” Crowetz answered.

“Can it help me if I am stumped writing a paper for school or my next newscast?” Williams asked.

“It excels at that,” Crowetz replied.

WPTV asked ChatGPT to create an outline about ethics and morals. It quickly did.

“Anybody can write a paper with references incredibly well, an A+ paper in seconds that would have taken months for a student to write. How do you know the student actually learned something? Or the computer program did it?” Crowetz said.

Helping us with our studies, art, science, math, philosophy, taxes or the next great recipe. ChatGPT is the next step in the computer aided world all of us embrace every time we pick up our smartphone.

But what if the embrace becomes too tight?

ChatGPT, experts said, can create jobs we cannot imagine right now. It may also take away jobs we never thought a computer, an AI, could handle as well as a human being.

“When they release this thing to digest the entire internet or industries like accounting or law, it’s going to be scary powerful. For a while, a lot of white-collar jobs out there, and blue-collar jobs, will use this as a very powerful tool. But what happens when the tool become more powerful than the wielder of the tool?” Crowetz said.

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