Artist Uses Artificial Intelligence To Create Visuals, Predict Delhi’s Battle With Pollution In Future; Netizens Shocked

Artist Uses Artificial Intelligence To Create Visuals, Predict Delhi’s Battle With Pollution In Future; Netizens Shocked

Delhi’s pollution is infamous and dangerous for the health of people living in the city. During the October-November month of 2022, the air quality status in the national capital crossed the ‘very poor’ category. The children and elderly were the most affected due to weak immune systems.

If the poor air quality status continues to remain the same for an extended period, the day-to-day life activities of the people will be affected. On the same lines, an artist has visualised Delhi’s battle with pollution in the future by creating a set of visuals using artificial intelligence.

An artist named Madhav Kohli took to Twitter and shared his creatives on social media. In total, he shared 17 pictures based on artificial intelligence (AI) that predict the future of Delhi if it continues to battle with pollution. While sharing the visuals, the artist wrote, ‘What will New Delhi and its battle with pollution look like in the future?’

The people shown in the AI-based pictures can be seen wearing masks, tight-skin covers and humongous vents. Those people are doing regular tasks like travelling from one place to another and buying vegetables. Although, they looked quite different as they had oxygen masks fitted and helmets attached to themselves.

Apart from showing people who are geared up with safety tools in Delhi, the artist also shows the Iconic Taj Mahal in Agra and other local streets covered in the blanket of smog. Madhav intends to show the situation of the national capital and other places in the future if no actions are taken to curb air pollution.

Netizens Shocked & Scared

After Madhav shared the AI-generated pictures depicting the future, it garnered more than 12,000 views and received several reactions from the netizens. Almost every other user commented that the scenes were scary and shocking.

While some commented that AI is the future, looking at how the future is rightly depicted. A user wrote, “Thought provoking visualisation on the future of living in a polluted city.” Another user commented, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Several other users also tagged the government officials and requested them to look at the visualisations that depict the future. They asked them to take action now to save the environment, or else everyone will suffer. However, to save the environment from the grip of pollution, a collective effort is required from both citizens and the government.

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