Make Sure Your Midjourney AI Image Prompts Have This Parameter

Make Sure Your Midjourney AI Image Prompts Have This Parameter

As the kids are saying lately, “it’s been a minute.”

It’s been an impressive minute for the likes of Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and others that are having their time in the bright sun over the past few months and weeks, and frankly, freaking a bunch of folks out.

Welcome to Midjourney AI Monday with tips and advanced prompts to help you get the most out of the image AI tool. In this post, we are going to explore what it means to use the “seed” parameter as a way to keep the Midjourney bot focused on the original image created or given (and other AI platforms very likely have a similar means to keep things consistent).

Midjourney Discord

As I mentioned in my prior two Midjourney posts, there is quite a bit to wrap one’s head around with the Midjourney AI bot. First, it is not on an easy, familiar browser platform like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, or even Edge. No, it is on Discord, the communication app built for gamers and adopted by a ton of others. It is, as you might expect being built for gamers, a fast moving platform. It takes some getting used to. This post may help: Improve Your Midjourney AI Image Creation With These Advanced Tips.

Midjourney Prompts and Commands

What is a seed in this generative art, image creating AI platform? If you want to build an addition on your home, you go back to the original blueprint to maintain the original look and feel of the house (usually). That’s what Midjourney and others are doing — when you give the AI an image of your own, or you like one that it has generated, you request the seed – a number like the one in this screenshot below.

  1. Click that “Reaction” icon and it gives you the option to select the envelope.
  2. Type in or click the envelope icon, which sends those four generated images a message that says, “send me the seed number.” Once your image “message” sees (#3) that envelope icon, it sends you the seed for the collection.

With that seed number, you can then write each new prompt using that parameter to now guide every result to look like the original set. Any prompt and its variation would continue to look like this plain white USB thumb drive, presuming you want to keep in that original image result direction:

Here it is in text you can copy: [ plain white usb thumb drive, —seed 1877585350 ].

Brackets not needed, and you must write the part for the seed parameter, like you see it or it will give you an error. Hyphen hyphen, like this: —seed then space, then number. Keeping the seed in every iteration, keeps your theme. I do dozens of iterations in testing how to get closer to the image I want. However, if you do not want the same theme, direction, by all means, do not use the seed.

Every day, there are more resources, many of them are simply excellent. Of course, there is the Midjourney User Guide with Seed-in-Prompt information and it is helpful.

But… There is this hyper-detailed, decadent and rich document called the Visual Guide to Midjourney settings using (mostly) Astronauts (built in Notion, a notetaking and project management app that I’m working on a review about, oddly enough). Honestly, even if you do not need the help (and then why are you here, but thanks for visiting), this guide is a delight. It is made by Notion user Marigold.

Let me know on social or in the comments what cool things you are doing with advanced prompts. I would love to hear it and possibly share it in a future column.

End Note: “It’s been a minute” means it has been a while, perhaps better said as “it has been a L.O.N.G. time since I have seen you, caught up with you.” In case the kids, formally the young people of the current generation, feel they are the ones creating this hot phrase; Hold on, it actually came about a minute ago, in the 70s, thanks to Black Americans, according to the public radio show, A Way with Words, “an upbeat and lively hour-long public radio show and podcast about language examined through history, culture, and family.” Yes, I know I have slightly distorted the essence of “it’s been a minute” with my adaptation of today’s lede.

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