Top Artificial Intelligence AI-powered Chrome Extensions

Top Artificial Intelligence AI-powered Chrome Extensions

The idea of a machine writing for you has moved from science fiction to reality thanks to advancements in AI technology. Today, several internet tools and apps can instantly produce everything from emails to whole blog entries.

Many even function as extensions for your Google Chrome browser, allowing you to access them whenever and wherever you surf and write.

Over 180,000 chrome extensions are already available for the browser, and many are actively being developed with every cycle of updates. The finest extensions on the Chrome Store are those that use artificial intelligence.

Check out this selection of AI-powered Chrome extensions that may help you tremendously with various chores!


Grammarly makes use of natural language processing techniques to provide support on every platform or browser page that you are visiting. You may check for plagiarism, fix the content’s tone, and ensure your work is grammatically proper with this plugin.


HyperWrite is a personal writing helper that creates material for writing ideas, greatly simplifying the work of writers. The plugin makes suggestions for the right words and phrases to finish your sentences based on the content of the text. HyperWrite created a text-to-image section on its website in addition to the writing aid feature.

The finest extension for transcription of meetings, chats, and video conversations is It employs a machine learning system with AI to instantly transcribe any video, conference call, or meeting. The machine further edits this transcript to create flawless sentences and divide the material for each speaker.


AnyPicker is the ideal tool for scraping data from a webpage since it was designed for data extraction from websites. Utilizing an AI pattern identification engine, the addon analyzes page material and transforms it readably. The technology is crucial for monitoring the websites of rival businesses and maintaining tabs on their tactics, SEO, and even data mining.


ContentBot is another AI writing assistance plugin that is comparable to Grammarly. The extension is a content writer and an SEO expert who creates excellent material to help you expand your blog’s readership. The program may produce blog entries, ad copy, and social media updates.

It takes a lot of work to compile, organize, and manage contacts for business prospecting. is a free application for list-building, marketing, and creating a database for the organization that is ideal for extracting emails and other contact information from any social network profile.

Atomic AI

Atomic AI is a program that makes fantastic suggestions for modifications and comments on your papers, social media posts, and mail to transform your written material into a unique content. Users may just begin typing short phrases, and the extension will suggest the best methods to construct them.


Jasper is a different writing helper application that works across various platforms and uses AI to produce articles 10 times more quickly. You can easily lengthen or shorten a sentence with just one click, and you can use the “Explain it to a Fifth Grader” option to rewrite it so that it is easier to read.

Speak AI

Speak AI, developed using sentiment analysis, allows authors to learn more about the formality and readability of the writing. The plugin also examines the browser’s open web pages for trends and data aggregation, which are useful for making strategic choices.


The Chrome plugin from Podcastle scans the text on a certain web page and turns it into a podcast. This plugin allows users to convert every typed word into an audio output so they may listen to news or publications while on the go. Additionally, you may create your own playlists and distribute them to others.


You can quickly download and utilize the Writecream Google Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store to improve your writing. Try out over 35 various tools on Writecream, including headline generators, blog ideas, social media post captions, email personalization, and more. With so many alternatives, you’re sure to discover something you can use. Depending on what you want to get out of Writecream, you should check through the tools yourself.


Scalenut could be the solution you’re searching for if you want something that seamlessly fits into your writing while also having the capacity to create AI-generated papers and templates. These templates, for instance, may be used to swiftly produce content briefs, product descriptions, and more. You may get various AI prompts from the Scalenut dashboard and have this Chrome addon created for you.

However, Scalenut’s integrated writing capabilities may be employed if your primary goal is to improve your writing. For instance, while sending an email, you may add some flavor to your writing by using features like AI-drive rephrasing or simplifying tools.


A wonderful small plugin with a lot of capabilities is AISEO. AISEO is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for anything that will assist you in developing or expanding your writing without having too many alternatives. You may utilize AISEO in seven different settings in actuality. With a little popup at the bottom right of the box, you may access them from just about any text input on the web, unlike many of the top online AI tools for content production.

Compose AI

It’s clear where and how Compose AI succeeds because it markets itself as an AI that composes your emails. Compose AI is a fantastic tool for accomplishing that if you’re more interested in utilizing an AI writing an extension to assist you with your emails and the odd Slack chat. It is also easy to use. Simply open an email to access the prompt, which is already there in the window.

LongShot AI

LongShot AI, which offers whole new capabilities via its Chrome plugin, goes well beyond the conventional writing helpers thanks to its powerful AI technology that has a profound awareness of context and semantics. It uses your browser to translate hundreds of words at once for any page. Select the text (it must have at least 100 words), then watch how the AI reformulates it. Joom-In Text, Joom-Out Text, and Tone are additional features.


Rytr is a renowned AI powered chrome extension  for authoring tool. It uses artificial intelligence to create articles for you. Since its algorithms are educated on historical data, they can create distinctive and captivating articles with the proper tone, style, and grammar. Your essay will be finished by Rytr’s AI writing helper without help from a human in less than an hour.


Check out CopyAI if you’re searching for a fast and simple approach to producing excellent ad text. You won’t again have to spend time on tiresome research or arduous writing again thanks to our powerful AI writing Chrome addon. Give a brief description of your product, and CopyAI will do the rest. Any company that wants to make commercials that are really engaging should use them.


The Frase Article Summarizer Chrome addon is a must-have if you’re a marketer who is always on the road. With the help of this addon, you can rapidly get a screenshot and outline of a web page to swiftly sum up the content. This is a terrific approach to boost the productivity of your study since you can simply browse blogs and news on the move.


An AI-based chrome plugin called Copysmith helps marketing teams of all sizes, agencies, copywriters, and online shops to produce more content in less time. With the press of a button, your team can easily create engaging product descriptions, headlines for digital ads, emails, social media posts, and more.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy may be the answer if you need help creating compelling content for customers. Smart Copy enables you to develop, iterate, and produce unique, appealing, professional copy for your business, website, or blog. It’s a simple approach to generate concepts, make adjustments, and create material that will interest readers.

Typli is a Chrome Extension that facilitates improved communication and makes optimizing content for search engines easier. It makes it simple to draft private emails, blog articles for your website, client papers, and work-related product descriptions. With Typli, you have all the advantages of a fantastic Chrome Extension plus more traffic and higher rankings.

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