American Blockchain PAC Congratulates Tezos and Oxhead Alpha on Their Recent Partnership with the California DMV

American Blockchain PAC Congratulates Tezos and Oxhead Alpha on Their Recent Partnership with the California DMV

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) congratulates Tezos and Oxhead Alpha on their recent partnership with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and their continued commitment to improving the lives of people through technology.

Kevin Mehrabi, an advisor of the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) and founder of StableTech (Tezos Stable Technologies), played a role in this major milestone.

The California DMV, long-stuck in the past with paper-based technology, will now be able to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology thanks to this partnership. Digitizing car titles for California drivers will improve the efficiency and security of title transfers, while also streamlining the process.

Kevin Mehrabi, who serves on the advisory board of the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) and launched critical DeFi infrastructure for the growing Tezos DeFi ecosystem, said, “With this one act, the California DMV is defying the stereotype of bureaucratic inertia—the idea that government agencies are resistant to innovation. Blockchain technologies—and those based on Tezos blockchain, in particular—enable a transformative level of security and efficiency that traditional technologies fundamentally cannot, let alone at a tiny fraction of the operational cost. This will be a great demonstration of blockchain-based innovation for other US government agencies at state, local, and federal levels.”

Todd White, Founder of the American Blockchain PAC, said, “A significant blockchain use case private-public blockchain partnership has been achieved in the State of California.”

Adelle Nazarian, CEO Of the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC) said, “This partnership between Tezos, Oxhead Alpha, and the California DMV is a victory for the blockchain industry and a step towards mass adoption. Tezos’ ability to bring cutting-edge solutions to traditional industries is impressive and I am proud to be associated with such an innovative and forward-thinking company through the American Blockchain PAC (CryptoPAC).”

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About the American Blockchain PAC

The American Blockchain PAC is an independent nonprofit committee of American citizens. We are the spearhead of political support for the Blockchain and virtual asset industries at the Federal level in the United States. Regulatory clarity brings investor confidence and provides protection for continued innovation. However, regulatory overreach is one of the leading threats to the virtual asset industry, and the current legislative posture is one of purposeless policy-making through enforcement.

Contributions to the American Blockchain PAC directly support Congressional representatives whose legislative agenda is aligned with the best interests of digital asset technology and who will deliver meaningful results. Without this crucial financial support, these elected representatives are unable to fight the battles that need to be won if the American digital asset industry is to survive and thrive.

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