Erth Point System to redefine the Blockchain technology utility paradigm

Erth Point System to redefine the Blockchain technology utility paradigm

A unique project has successfully trialled in Australia and is now heading offshore to change the way we think about everyday use cases for Blockchain tech.

For many, the word ‘blockchain’ evokes images of shadowy figures transacting crypto, often surrounded by an air of criminality and secrecy. In reality however, the Blockchain technology that crypto runs on has an infinite number of valuable use cases in fields such as healthcare, logistics and supply chain applications.  


In 2019 during an interview with CNBC, Warren Buffett said, “It’s ingenious and blockchain is important, but bitcoin has no unique value at all, it doesn’t produce anything. It’s a delusion basically.” 


So, the question needs to be asked: Can the crypto industry itself survive while so few projects do anything to add real value or further the cause of humanity? And does this lack of use-case matter anyway? 


The answer becomes clearer if we look back at the evolution of the internet, including the subsequent dotcom bubble which burst in 2001. Almost exclusively, businesses that provided initiatives which had a beneficial impact on humanity survived, and the tens of thousands of businesses that didn’t simply disappeared. Survivors like Microsoft and Amazon harnessed the power of the internet with useful products and services, becoming two of the world’s largest and most successful business today. It’s now apparent the same pattern is being replicated with early adopters of Blockchain technology. There are already over 20,000 crypto tokens trading on world markets, and virtually all display a distinct lack of proper utility that in some way matches those failed 2001 businesses. It’s abundantly clear that history will repeat at some stage and nearly all of these will go the same way when the crypto market has it’s ‘2001 moment’ and spectacularly implodes.


So who waves the flag for ultimate real-world utility in the crypto space today? 


The Erth Point System (Erth) has been developed by Queensland-based company Rewards4earth and is one of the few that will survive crypto’s version of the bursting dotcom bubble when it inevitably comes. Erth is a Patented customer loyalty and rewards program that is currently funding environmental repair projects around the world while supporting not-for-profits such as clubs, charities and churches in local communities. Its unique ecosystem separates it from virtually all others because every time a business using the system transacts with their customer, there is a direct correlation with an on-crypto market trade. This means the baseless trading speculation that underpins the ‘value’ of almost all other crypto’s is not required to drive the Erth Token price. 


The Erth Point System has successfully piloted in Australia and is in the process of commencing operations in New Zealand and Singapore, with the rollout into the United Kingdom and USA planned for later in 2023. As more and more businesses join the system across the globe, demand for the Erth Token is likely to grow exponentially, and the benefits will flow back through to the valuable environmental repair programs that are already making a positive difference to our world.  Erth is live trading now, find out more at 

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