Top tech trends to look forward to in 2023

Top tech trends to look forward to in 2023

2023 has begun and with that begins the new chapter for technology, which is always evolving in a bid to make our lives easier and better than ever. Convenience and the quest to solve the unsolvable are what primarily drive new technological advancements. Also Read – Jio starts rolling out its True 5G network in Madhya Pradesh: Check availability here

It could be a new kind of smartphone or a laptop that looks fundamentally different from what we have seen so far. It could also be a new machine that helps doctors in surgeries, or some tool that benefits farmers. And this is just about the hardware. Technology also evolves in the field of software, such as the ones driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). We also have Blockchain, a technology that is at the helm of cryptocurrencies around the world as well as several utilities. And each of these applications of the technology is set for an overhaul in 2023. Also Read – 5G Scam alert: Vi users beware of the ‘Upgrade to 5G’ message on your phone

Here are some top tech trends that you should look forward to in 2023: Also Read – Airtel brings its 5G Plus network to Jammu, Srinagar: Check availability here

5G technology

With the rollout of 5G services in India since October, the landscape of telecommunication and internet consumption is changing. The 5G technology has unlocked several avenues that 4G cannot and experts believe that 5G will drive the next phase of growth of India’s digital economy. This year 5G deployment will widen to almost all parts of the country. Both Airtel and Reliance Jio have confirmed plans to offer 5G services to every nook and corner of the country by December 2023.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already found its way to many segments, but this year it is expected to grow more. Wi-Fi is at the core of this service and with new wireless internet standards available today, connecting devices should become easier and more utilitarian. Device communication is what every company is aiming to improve this year. The IoT market is expected to grow with the launch of a plethora of wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and other accessories that can be connected to a phone. Moreover, IoT will also accelerate the adoption of drones in more fields, especially in India where the drone market is still very nascent.


Blockchain is the technology on which all cryptocurrencies are based. While the current socioeconomic crisis has led to a downfall in the international cryptocurrency market, Blockchain has found other purposes. Since this is a decentralised technology, Blockchain will give more power to its users, including organisations, individuals, and governments across the world. In 2023, Blockchain will offer ways to take control of data according to people’s terms.


With new technological developments emerging every day, lurkers are exploring more ways to exploit them. Hacking threats are expected to grow. So should the security protocols. Cybersecurity is, thus, expected to improve in 2023. Several organisations around the world are looking for new ways to curb hacking attempts.

VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to grow drastically this year. While virtual reality, augmented reality, and their combination called mixed reality have seeped into every sector, these technologies will find new applications with companies such as Apple reportedly jumping into the fray. Existing products on the market will see improvements this year, especially in India where 5G is expected to accelerate consumption this year and so on.

New phone types

Phones may have improved by leaps and bounds but their basic structure has not changed much. Sure, with the launch of foldable phones, the smartphone industry saw some change but foldable devices are still some years away from becoming mainstream, not just because of their utility but also due to their exorbitant prices. In 2023, companies may try to showcase even better concepts of how different a phone can look and work. Foldables this year may get a boost further but the prices are unlikely to come down at least this year.

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