UABA and Office of the President, Zambia, Partner to Train Top Government Executives on Blockchain Technology – BitcoinKE

UABA and Office of the President, Zambia, Partner to Train Top Government Executives on Blockchain Technology – BitcoinKE

United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) in partnership with SMART Zambia, a division in the Office of the President of Zambia charged with the responsibility of the management and promotion of electronic Government services and processes, intend to carry out high level blockchain training for senior Zambian representatives from various sectors of industry in Zambia. 

Earmarked to attend this comprehensive training on blockchain technology will be leaders of governmental bodies, financial institutions, investors, fintech, card providers, consultants and solutions providers in Blockchain Technology, and other related Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies. The attendees will gain valuable insights on the potential of blockchain to revolutionize industries and improve efficiency. 

Speakers at the event will include experts in the field who will share their knowledge on various aspects of blockchain, including its use cases, implementation strategies, and potential challenges. Participants also have the opportunity to network with their peers and explore potential collaborations.

“The training highlights the growing interest in blockchain among leaders in various sectors, as well as the increasing importance of understanding this technology in order to stay competitive in the global market,” according to UABA Global Chairperson, Yaliwe Soko. 

The training program aims to:

  • Explore the potential of blockchain to improve transparency, security, and efficiency in various industries
  • Facilitate detailed discussions and demonstrations of blockchain use cases on government services offered through Smart Zambia and other government agencies
  • Explore innovations and trends across the public and private sector. Ultimately the aim is to show how these can be used to build self-sustainable communities, more job opportunities and basic human needs.

As blockchain continues to gain traction, events like this training are crucial for keeping leaders informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. So that they stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the opportunities that blockchain technology presents. 




United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) is a Non-Profit Organization formed for the promotion of the adoption of Blockchain technology in Africa, and creating Partnerships and networks that deliver on life changing blockchain projects. Our learning programs empower individuals and organizations with skills and networks to build solutions that take advantage of blockchain technology. The mission of UABA is to unify the African blockchain ecosystem toward 8 common goals of harmonious coexistence and progress which are education, financial inclusion, sovereign identity, skills development, job creation, gender equality, fair and efficient trade, and poverty-alleviation. 



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