Zambia Partners UABA To Train Government Officials, Others On Blockchain

Zambia Partners UABA To Train Government Officials, Others On Blockchain

Governments are beginning to recognize the significance of blockchain technology as it develops and industries begin to apply it to their operations.

The United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) in cooperation with SMART Zambia, a division of the Office of the President of Zambia in charge of managing and promoting electronic government services and processes, will provide top-notch blockchain training for senior Zambian representatives from various industries in Zambia.

Officials of governmental organizations, financial institutions, investors, fintech, card providers, consultants, and solution providers in blockchain technology and other associated Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies are expected to participate in this extensive training on blockchain technology.

The guests will learn important information about how blockchain technology has the ability to transform industries and boost productivity.

Professionals in the area who will impart their expertise on a range of topics related to blockchain, including users of applications, implementation techniques, and challenges involved, will speak at the event.

Additionally, participants have the chance to network with their colleagues and look into possible partnerships.

The training, in the opinion of Yaliwe Soko, UABA Global Chairperson, illustrates the growing interest in blockchain among industry executives as well as the growing significance of comprehending this technology in order to remain competitive in the global market.

This program seeks to:

  • Examine how blockchain could be used in many industries to increase efficiency, security, and transparency.
  • Facilitate in-depth talks and exhibits of blockchain use cases on services provided by the government through Smart Zambia and other departments
  • Investigate trends and innovations in both the public and private sectors. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate how these may be utilized to create communities that can support themselves, create additional job possibilities, and meet fundamental human needs.

Events like this seminar are essential for keeping leaders updated about the most recent advancements in the area as blockchain continues to gain popularity. So that companies remain innovative and seize the benefits that blockchain technology offers.

The United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA), a nonprofit, was created with the aim of promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa and creating alliances and networks to carry out game-changing blockchain projects.

Its educational initiatives provide people and businesses with the knowledge, contacts, and networks necessary to develop blockchain-based solutions.

The goal of UABA is to bring the African blockchain ecosystem together in order to advance eight shared objectives of peaceful coexistence and progress: gender equality, equitable and effective trade, financial inclusion, sovereign identification, skill development, job creation, and poverty alleviation.

Smart Zimbabwe The Electronic Government (e-Gov), also known as the Smart Zambia Institute, is a division in the Office of the President that is in charge of managing and promoting electronic government services and procedures.

It also coordinates e-government and information and communication technology issues in public bodies and makes it easier for citizens to access government services.

The Electronic Government Act No. 41 of 2021 gives the Division its authority. A governance law called the Electronic Government Act No. 41 of 2021 is necessary to make access to electronic government services easier and boost service delivery.

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