Credas adds Open Banking-powered financial checks

Credas adds Open Banking-powered financial checks

Our Open Banking module enables you to effortlessly gather financial evidence from your clients within minutes. Making Proof and Source of Funds checks a whole lot easier.

You can now stop chasing your clients for financial statements and instead gather the evidence you need as part of one seamless customer onboarding process.

Key features of our Open Banking module
• Proof of Funds – Get genuine financial statements in a few clicks
• Source of Funds – Easy funds analysis with automatic categorisation of
incoming payments
• Affordability assessments and missed payments profiling
• Summarised transactional behavioural trends – what’s changed in the last 30 days
• Gather additional data through configurable data capture forms
• Works seamlessly with our IDV solution – no additional apps required
• Simple integration with your existing CRM and onboarding processes

How does it work?

After sending your client an invite via the Credas portal, they can connect with their online banking provider through either a smartphone or browser through the Open Banking infrastructure. Once authenticated we produce a full financial report including summarised insights and transactional history. Your client can authenticate and connect with multiple accounts in one journey and reports will be saved against their record for your review.  

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