How to Buy MEMAG Crypto Token

How to Buy MEMAG Crypto Token

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a recently launched crypto project that is looking to bring mobile gaming to web 3.0.

This guide explains the process required to buy MEMAG crypto tokens via the ongoing presale at the lowest price possible.

Overview of the MEMAG Project

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) aims to become the largest guild in the eventual transition to web 3.0, specializing in high-quality and engaging mobile games. As a guild, MEMAG will host mobile games rather than develop them in-house.

This strategy will ensure that the MEMAG ecosystem offers a wide variety of games from multiple genres – all of which will be accessible via smartphones. Each and every game will have a common denominator – play-to-earn.

This means that gamers will have the ability to earn rewards when playing games via the MEMAG guild. Not to be confused with play-to-earn, the play-and-earn concept places the gaming experience at the heart of everything.

The aim here is for people to be attracted to MEMAG games for enjoyment and fun, rather than simply as a means to generate income. Once this goal is achieved, the MEMAG ecosystem will operate in a sustainable economic fashion.

Meta Masters Guild is backed by the MEMAG token – which operates on the Ethereum blockchain. MEMAG is the primary economic token and this is the only way to gain exposure to the project from an investment perspective.

In-game rewards, however, are paid in GEMS. This is a utility token that can be used in a number of different ways. This includes buying in-game assets and NFTs or converting the tokens to MEMAG.

In taking the latter option, MEMAG can then be exchanged for ETH once it is listed on an exchange and finally, into fiat currency. As noted above, MEMAG can now be purchased via the presale campaign at the lowest price possible, via stage one.

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Should You Invest in the MEMAG Crypto Presale?

Before moving on to our step-by-step guide on how to buy MEMAG crypto tokens via the presale, let’s first explore whether or not this project represents a viable investment.

Ultimately, investors should have a firm grasp of what a crypto project is attempting to achieve and how realistic its goals are prior to making a presale purchase.

Play and Earn Concept

The first aspect of MEMAG that we like is that it is improving on the current play-to-earn concept. There is no denying that play-to-earn games will play a major role in the future of web 3.0.

  • After all, the concept not only enables players to earn rewards for playing games but own in-game assets outright.

  • However, the major drawback with play-to-earn is that in the vast majority of cases, users play games with the sole intention of making money, rather than through enjoyment or fun.

  • It goes without saying that this isn’t an economic model that can realistically remain viable in the long run.

When playing MEMAG games, players will still have the capacity to own their in-game assets and of course – generate income.

However, MEMAG games are being designed to put the gaming experience before any earning capabilities. This will keep players engaged in the long term and subsequently build a sustainable and economically viable play-and-earn ecosystem.

Gaming Guild Ecosystem

Another major drawback of the current play-to-earn concept is that existing projects create their own in-house games. This is detrimental to the long-term success of the project, as it can take several years to develop a game to its fullest potential.

In turn, this means that newly launched projects will only have the capacity to design and launch one game. In full recognition of this shortcoming, MEMAG has opted to become a decentralized gaming guild rather than an in-house developer.

As a result, MEMAG has already formed partnerships with external gaming developers that are experienced in building mobile games that will be compatible with the growth of web 3.0. More pertinently – the MEMAG community will have access to a huge portfolio of cutting-edge games that all follow the play-and-earn concept.

Huge Discount on Pre-Exchange Pricing

The upside potential when electing to buy MEMAG crypto tokens via the presale is unprecedented.

Stage one of the presale – which is ongoing right now, is pricing MEMAG at $0.007 per token. In stage two, however, the price of MEMAG crypto tokens will rise to $0.01.

This represents an increase of 42%. As such, those investing in stage one will have already witnessed an upside of 42% on their initial outlay.

Moreover, MEMAG has already confirmed that after the presale, its tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges at $0.023.

This means that by purchasing MEMAG in stage one at $0.007, by the time of the first exchange listing, an upside of 228% is on the table.

With that being said, we should note that there is just $490,000 worth of investments available at the stage one price. Therefore, this initial tranche of MEMAG crypto tokens is expected to fill quickly.

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Win $100k Worth of MEMAG Crypto Tokens

Meta Masters Guild has just released details of its much-anticipated giveaway – where one investor will win $100k worth of MEMAG crypto tokens.

This is a move implemented by many newly launched projects that wish to get their name out in this highly crowded space.

Investors with at least $150 worth of MEMAG can claim up to 24 entries into the giveaway at no extra cost. Each entry is provided to the investor after a specific task is completed. In total, there are 11 tasks.

Examples include:

  • Tweet about MEMAG to get 5 entries

  • Visit the MEMAG Facebook page for 1 entry

  • Follow MEMAG on Twitter to get 1 entry

The specific date for the $100k giveaway draw is yet to be finalized but this is expected to take place not long after the presale concludes.

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MEMAG Tokenomics

The Meta Masters Guild whitepaper offers insight into the tokenomics of MEMAG, which we summarize below. Prospective buyers can also join the MMG Telegram group for all the latest updates.

The total, fixed supply of MEMAG will never surpass 1 billion tokens.

  • When tokens are traded, there will be a 3% transaction tax implemented on both the buyer and seller.

  • The taxed funds will go into the MMG Treasure and subsequently ensure that the project remains viable and self-sufficient in the long run.

  • There is also a 5% royalty fee on NFT sales which also goes back to the MMG Treasure.

Of the 1 billion total supply, 35% and 10% are being allocated to the private and public sales, respectively. The balance will be allocated to the company reserve, liquidity pools, development pot, and more.

MEMAG Price Forecast and Prediction

Wondering what sort of upside is available after electing to buy MEMAG crypto via the presale?

Although the crypto markets are highly speculative and unpredictable, the team at MEMAG has already outlined some clear pricing objectives.

To illustrate what’s possible, we will run through a quick example now.

As noted above, stage one of the presale is priced at $0.007. Let’s say that an investor decides to allocate $2.000 to the presale and as such, they will purchase approximately 285,000 MEMAG tokens.

Once stage two arrives, the price increases to $0.01. This means that in theory, the initial $2,000 investment – which yielded 285,000 MEMAG, is now worth $2,840. Now let’s fast forward to the expected exchange listing price of $0.023.

Once again, this is 228% above the original stage one price of $0.007. And therefore, the initial $2,000 outlay is now worth $6,560.

After MEMAG crypto tokens go live, their future price will be determined by market forces.

With that said, MEMAG has already made its intentions clear from a marketing perspective, where it aims to get its project to as many eyes as possible in the build-up to the presale and eventual listing.

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How to Buy MEMAG Crypto – Presale Walkthrough for Beginners

As noted above, those with an intention of gaining exposure to the future of the Meta Masters Guild project can now buy MEMAG crypto tokens at the lowest price possible.

To reiterate, the stage one price of $0.007 will continuously increase throughout the presale and eventually, will list on exchanges at $0.023.

Here’s how to buy MEMAG right now at $0.007.

Step 1: Get MetaMask Wallet

The MEMAG presale is being hosted on the Meta Masters Guild website via a decentralized and secure dashboard.

As such, investors will need to have a compatible wallet in order to complete a presale order.

The most user-friendly option is MetaMask. This wallet can be installed via a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, in addition to an iOS/Android app.

Download and install MetaMask on the chosen device and create a password. Finally, write down the backup passphrase, which is a string of 12 words.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

The MEMAG presale accepts Ethereum and Tether.

Those without either can make a purchase at a crypto exchange like Binance or with a debit/credit card.

Step 3: Transfer ETH/USDT to MetaMask

The ETH/USDT tokens now need to be deposited into MetaMask.

Those that made a purchase from an exchange can now request a withdrawal.

When promoted for the receiving address, this needs to be copied from the MetaMask wallet interface – beneath ‘Account 1’.

Step 4: Connect Wallet to MEMAG Crypto Presale

Next, visit the MEMAG presale dashboard.

Click on ‘Connect Wallet’, choose ‘MetaMask’, and confirm.

Step 5: Set Up Order MEMAG Crypto Presale

The presale order box will now ask how many MEMAG tokens the user wants to buy.

Type the amount in – ensuring that there are enough ETH or USDT tokens in MetaMask to complete the sale.

Confirm the investment via MetaMask (a notification will appear). Head back to the MEMAG dashboard after the presale is finished to claim the tokens.

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MEMAG Crypto Presale – The Verdict

This guide has explained the many benefits of investing in the much-anticipated MEMAG presale – which could be one of the fastest-growing projects of 2023.

By making a purchase today during stage one, the lowest price possible of $0.007 can be secured.

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How much is MEMAG crypto?

MEMAG crypto tokens are currently priced at $0.007 via stage one of its presale. This will increase to $0.01 in stage two – which will commence after just $490,000 has been raised. After the presale, the price of MEMAG will be listed on crypto exchanges at $0.023.

What is the MEMAG crypto total supply?

The total supply of MEMAG crypto is one billion tokens. No more tokens will ever be entered into circulation. Of this figure, 35% will be allocated to the private sale, and 10% to the public sale.

Which exchange will MEMAG crypto be listed on?

Although MEMAG has already confirmed its listing price will amount to $0.023, the project hasn’t announced which exchanges it has partnered with yet. With that said, due to the long-term potential of this project, it is likely that several centralized exchanges will look to list MEMAG after the presale.

How do I buy MEMAG crypto tokens?

To buy MEMAG crypto tokens today, head over to the project’s website. Connect MetaMask or Trust Wallet to the presale and ensure there are sufficient ETH or USDT tokens. Finally, select how many MEMAG tokens to buy, and the ETH/USDT will be deducted from the connected wallet.

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