Wall Street rapper charged in crypto heist gets new tech job

Wall Street rapper charged in crypto heist gets new tech job

The former tech entrepreneur, “Razzlekhan” rapper and accused cryptocurrency thief Heather Morgan has a new job.

Morgan, who dubbed herself on social media and in music videos as “The Crocodile of Wall Street,” was hired by an unspecified technology company even though she’s under 24-hour house arrest, according to a court filing. She and her husband are accused of trying to launder $4.5 billion of Bitcoin stolen from the Bitfinex currency exchange.

A federal magistrate judge on Tuesday granted Morgan’s request to modify the terms of her home confinement so she can work three days a week from the employer’s New York office, 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The government didn’t object to the proposed modification.

Morgan, who has denied wrongdoing, was offered a job “in the role of growth marketing and business development specialist,” her lawyer, Eugene Gorokhov, said in a court filing. He asked the court to keep the name of the employer secret to protect Morgan’s safety, though prosecutors are aware of the identity.

“That information is not noted in this public filing due to the fact that Ms. Morgan has been subject to disparaging comments and harassment on social media as a result of the intense media coverage of this case,” Gorokhov said.

The defense lawyer didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

Morgan and her husband Ilya Lichtenstein were charged in February following the government’s largest financial seizure ever. The next month, the pair asked for a delay to the case to facilitate plea discussions.

The U.S. previously said the couple had “highly troubling” overseas ties and fraudulent identities as well as access to hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. The value of Bitcoin plummeted since the two were arrested at their apartment in Manhattan.

A status hearing in the case is set for Jan. 27 in Washington, D.C.

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