Easy4Cloud and Fabrick join forces for open banking in Italy and Spain

Easy4Cloud and Fabrick join forces for open banking in Italy and Spain

Easy4Cloud, which operates in Italy, the UK, Spain and the USA, digitising different business areas and simplifying their management, has chosen Fabrick to expand its offer and launch BancheinCloud, a Business Intelligence platform for the aggregated management of Current Accounts through which personal, family and corporate accounts can be linked to optimise administrative work.

The solution employs Fabrick Pass, which makes it possible to use the PSD2 APIs published on the platform and to take advantage of the Account Information Service Provider (AISP) licence available in ‘as a service’ mode, allowing concrete access to the account information the user has consented to. The passporting of the licence obtained by Fabrick and the proprietary technology for multi-bank connectivity also enable the service to be deployed in the Spanish market; Fabrick, which operates internationally to promote open finance, is in fact authorised to operate in 11 countries (Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Slovenia).

BancheinCloud is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to digitise and automate their management; the functions implemented allow them to extract insights, set up reports and share information with third parties as well as import invoices, carry out payment reconciliations and compile first notes automatically.

Alberto Graziano, CEO of Easy4cloud: “Open banking has started a real revolution in the financial world. Today we have the opportunity to transform the ‘banking movement’ into digital data available in real time; information that is useful for implementing new value-added services and designing new business processes. The digitisation of companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, is today the key to achieving efficiency and competitiveness”.

Paolo Zaccardi, Fabrick’s CEO: “Leveraging the opportunities enabled by open finance, we support our customers in defining an innovative digital financial service offering, the partnership with Easy4cloud in particular is in response to the specific needs of companies for greater efficiency, through the accessibility and efficient visualisation of all company accounts from a single touchpoint, the sharing of transactional information and the automatic reconciliation of invoices. Thanks to the passporting of our AISP licence, the project is operational in both the Italian and Spanish markets, demonstrating the opportunities our open-first model can offer. Fabrick on the one hand allows foreign operators to enter the Italian market, and on the other supports Italian companies to venture into new markets. Every day we work to expand the boundaries of Fabrick’s reach because we are aware that digital has broken down geographical barriers, amplifying market opportunities for all operators”.


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