Fintech firm launches accounting app

Fintech firm launches accounting app

A fintech firm, FireSwitch Technologies, has launched an account management app, ReniAccounts, that can assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) manage their accounts and businesses.

The founder of the firm, Timothy Ayodele, recently made this known during the launch of the web app in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

Ayodele stated that, in recent years, his firm has helped small and local businesses to manage their inventory, financial records, and cash flow.

Speaking about Reni, he said an app is an accounting software from Africa ready to compete with Sage and Zoho.

He noted that the app provides solutions for everyday business challenges facing SMEs in Africa, adding that e-commerce, accounting, communication, and logistics are some of the challenges the Reni brand seeks to solve.

“ReniAccounts is easy to access and to set up compared to other enterprise software,” he said. “It helps with real-time tracking of accounting records, inventory, and financial reports, thereby reducing the risk of doing business in Nigeria, especially on the financial front.”

Ayodele said that many people steal from business owners without their knowledge and that this is because many business owners do not have access to real-time data on the accounts of their businesses.

He further said that, with ReniAccounts, business owners can track goods against revenue and profits.

He stated that every business deserves to know the health of their finances in real-time and that is a product every business should associate with because of its easy and dynamic nature.

He added that, with the app, businesses will be able to make more informed financial decisions, manage insights on products and services, and understand the sales records of their services and goods.

In the course of the launch, Ayodele said that fintech companies have simplified the process of doing business by encouraging more people to build solutions that directly solve problems that businesses and people experience.

“This has improved the standard of living of people and also improved the ease of doing business,” he added.

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