HES FinTech partners with Acquired.com

HES FinTech partners with Acquired.com

HES FinTech, a Lithuania-based provider of lending platforms, has partnered with Acquired.com, a UK-based payment initiation service provider.

Through this collaboration, lenders who use HES’ technology will have access to a payment solution that enables quick loan disbursement and easy borrower-centric collection strategies.

HES FinTech, a Lithuania-based provider of lending platforms, partners with Acquired.com, a UK-based payment initiation service provider.

The agreement between HES and Acquired.com, which will help them increase their market share in the UK, aims to hasten the delivery of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) financing solutions in a number of important industries.

HES needs a partner with extensive experience in the lending industry and one who can provide a range of payment options for borrowers, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Open Banking, in order to establish long-term connections with the UK lenders.

Acquired.com’s Account Updater tool will enable HES’ lenders to avoid needing to contact borrowers whose card details have expired, been lost, or stolen. Allowing recurring payments to be taken seamlessly by updating customer payment details automatically without impacting on service, benefitting both the lender and borrower.

Choosing Acquired.com

Founded in 2015 and under FCA supervision Acquired.com is a payment expert that provides specialised, uniquely designed solutions for payment processing. By boosting the end-to-end lending process with their custom-built solutions, from loan disbursement processes to optimised ongoing and one-off collections, they are well-positioned to help lenders employing HES LoanBox.

Additionally, Acquired.com’s Pay by Bank solution enables the merchants of their partners to offer their consumers the option of authenticating and approving payments through their bank without the need to enter card information or additional credentials. When combined with card payments, this solution allows businesses to use a single platform for account-to-account, gateway, and acquiring payments, with all transaction data shown on a single dashboard.

Moreover, the Account Updater tool offered by Acquired.com can automatically update a customer’s card information anytime it changes. This includes card numbers, cardholder names, card issuers, and expiration dates. Therefore, without any input from clients, Account Updater lowers the frequency of payments being denied due to expired cards or outdated information.

More details about HES FinTech

HES FinTech, a company founded in 2012, offers sophisticated automation-driven lending solutions to financial institutions all around the world. According to the official press release, HES FinTech’s platforms, which can be made available in as little as four weeks, enhance the entire lending process by automating tedious manual operations. Additionally, the artificial intelligence (AI) credit-scoring solution aids in removing the shortcomings of conventional credit scoring and increases non-performing loans by up to five times.

In 2022, we wrote about two of HES’ partnerships. In May, it teamed up with VoPay to enable Canadian lenders access real-time bank account payments. The partnership further enhances VoPay’s position as a provider of payment technology for lenders across North America.

In June, HES FinTech has partnered with Nordigen to provide integrated end-to-end digital lending solutions with multiple financial providers to rejuvenate the existing European financial ecosystem. The partnership with Nordigen allows for collaboration between Open Banking technology with state-of-the-art loan management software, providing new opportunities in the European market.

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