How billionaire Leo Stan Ekeh is colonising fintech space

How billionaire Leo Stan Ekeh is colonising fintech space

Serial digital entrepreneur and Chairman of Konga Group, Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh, has earned a name for himself through his visionary contributions to Africa’s ICT space. To the players in the tech and business space in general, cutting deals comes easy to a genial billionaire businessman. In January 2018, the Digital Icon and 21st Century Tech King outbid some international brands in the e-commerce market to acquire the then ailing but leading Nigeria composite e-Commerce giant, Konga. Since then, Ekeh and his team have worked —and are still working organically— on their vision to make Konga a top-of-the-mind brand. They have altered the equation in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy through innovation, experience and quality corporate culture.

Of course, doing business in Nigeria is not for cowards as investors must prepare like someone going to the war front. To succeed, entrepreneurs must imbibe the will and capacity to always be aware and take measures to protect their business from corporate blackmail by some competitors who wish to see rivals go down or rubbish their credit rating or public image. In 2022, Ekeh battled this, triumphed and led his new baby, KongaPay into becoming a premium payment platform for businesses and individuals in Nigeria’s fintech ecosystem.

In July 2022, Ekeh led his KongaPay team to the House of Lords, London where they signed a partnership deal with Bibimoney, a leading UK-based firm, to expand access to financial inclusion in Nigeria. It was learnt that a lot of companies had approached Bibimoney for partnership, but the history and profile of Ekeh distinguished him from the rest and that is why KongaPay got the exclusive partnership. A few months into the deal with the new implementation of tech backbone, KongaPay is fast becoming a very exemplary company out of Africa in the Fintech world with growing subscribers above five million within a short space. The Imo State-born billionaire is also offering a free Knowledge Weekend programme for 12 lucky winners who will dine with him and tap from his wealth of experience as a successful businessman.

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