HYPE partners with Bitpanda to expand investment offering in Europe

HYPE partners with Bitpanda to expand investment offering in Europe

By Gloria Methri


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HYPE, BitpandaHYPE, the app-based wealth management firm has teamed up with Bitpanda, the investment-as-a-service infrastructure provider to unlock the opportunities presented by Open Banking.

HYPE’s 1.7 million customers will now be able to invest in more than 2,500 assets including fractional stocks, ETFs, and precious metals, with any sized budget on a 24/7 basis, even when markets are closed.

The integration, carried out entirely within the HYPE app, takes place through Fabrick’s Open Finance platform on which Bitpanda has published its APIs and made its offering available to third parties.

Bitpanda White Label enables the partner to design its own trading solution by connecting to its API infrastructure. HYPE is the first entity in Italy to seize this opportunity.

Alongside the new offering, HYPE customers will also have access to Bitpanda Academy, an e-learning platform dedicated to the study of personal finance and investment topics. This is to ensure that every investor can research and learn at their own pace, building the confidence to take control of their finances.

Luca Grampioggia, Deputy CEO of HYPE, said, “We want HYPE to be a gateway to all financial services and a tool to always take advantage of new opportunities in the area of money management. The integration of Bitpanda confirms this direction and adds an extremely important new piece to give our customers great service and one more opportunity to put the immobile savings in their current accounts to good use.”

Eric Demuth, co-founder, and CEO of Bitpanda, added, “Since we founded Bitpanda we have always sought to build great tech that allows people to invest safely and simply. I think we have done a great job at that, and we now want to ensure that the same tech can be used by as many European investors as possible. This partnership, with a neobank supported by two major Italian banking groups, is a great example of what technology can achieve, and I can’t wait to see what else we can build together.”

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