DIAMA BANK SA chooses Capital Banking Solutions’ suite of banking solutions for its banking activity in Guinea

DIAMA BANK SA chooses Capital Banking Solutions’ suite of banking solutions for its banking activity in Guinea

By Edlyn Cardoza


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DIAMA BANK SA, Capital Banking Solutions, CapitalBanker, CapitalCompliance, Online Banking, CapitalDigital, Loan Origination, API, CapitalLending, BanksAnalytics, CapitalConnect, Guinea Conakry, AfricaDIAMA BANK SA has selected Capital Banking Solutions (CBS) to support it in the launch of its banking activity in Guinea Conakry through the implementation of a suite of integrated solutions ranging from core banking to digital banking platforms, compliance management, the management of credit request workflows, and the analytical reporting tool.

“We are proud and happy to count DIAMA BANK SA among our clients. They are now part of the CBS family. We are convinced that they will develop rapidly and become a major player in the banking landscape of Guinea Conakry,” said Alain Klat, Commercial Director at Capital Banking Solutions. “The objective of DIAMA BANK SA and Capital Banking Solutions is to accelerate the deployment of solutions and services by adopting an ambitious action plan. We will mobilize our team of experts to implement our solutions, in line with the strategy defined by DIAMA BANK SA, to be able to open quickly to the public.”

DIAMA BANK SA is a bank in the process of being launched that will quickly be able to serve customers in Guinea Conakry. This new collaboration will allow DIAMA BANK SA to position itself as a new pioneer in the banking sector of Guinea Conakry. The choice of DIAMA BANK SA to start in partnership with CBS was made according to criteria emphasising the digitalisation of banking processes and the simplification of the entry into contact with local customers through innovative digital products. To do this, DIAMA BANK SA has selected the following products:

  • CapitalBanker which is the core banking system to efficiently and safely manage the production activity of DIAMA BANK SA (Front, Middle, and Back Office). CapitalBanker is a fully configurable solution that adapts perfectly to the products and services the Bank wishes to market.
  • CapitalDigital, which is an online banking solution also called home banking. The latter will allow DIAMA BANK SA customers to benefit from banking services anywhere and anytime, thanks to an omnichannel experience. CapitalDigital makes it possible to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of customers, from the execution of their transactions, the real-time consultation of their balances, and the opening of new accounts, to the application for cards and loans, as well as access to all their online documents (notices, statements, etc.).
  • CapitalCompliance which is the solution to fight against money laundering and tax evasion. It will provide DIAMA BANK SA with modules covering AML transaction monitoring, black lists, and profiling of prospects and customers, as well as FATCA monitoring and reporting. This solution adapts to all local and international regulations.
  • CapitalLending, which is the end-to-end credit application workflow management platform (Loan origination), is fully configurable and includes an automatic scoring and financial analysis engine. This entire API platform will allow DIAMA BANK SA to have a credit management database fully customizable for the management of loan applications initiated by prospects and customers. It facilitates the evolution of the activity by offering innovative products through a “product factory” and thus accelerating the marketing of new products. It also makes it possible to shorten response times to customer requests.
  • BanksAnalytics which is an analytical reporting solution allowing the Bank’s management to have all the elements of appreciation of its goodwill and profit centers in terms of volume of products, margin realised, and customer segments. The comparison with budgets set by DIAMA BANK SA will allow it to have a business development tool.
  • CapitalConnect is a middleware developed on a secure and open-source platform to interconnect all types of solutions with each other. This allows the Bank to create its own APIs and connect CBS products to any external products it may have chosen to use.

“It is with great pride that DIAMA BANK SA signs this important strategic partnership agreement with CBS. This choice of CBS is part of our ambition to set up a modern and innovative Bank at the service of Guinea. The agility of CBS’s core banking will allow us to bring innovative banking products and services tailored to our clients’ needs to the Guinean market,” said Thierno Mamoudou DIALLO, Chief Executive Officer at DIAMA BANK SA.

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