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We had the pleasure in seeing inside the world of high end fashion today and we were interviewing a key foundation of the london after-sell market trailblazer Katie Healy.

Katie Healy is a true fashion guru, known for her impeccable taste and expertise in the world of designer handbags. As a specialist at the infamous Chiswick Auction House in London, she has built a reputation for being able to source the most sought-after designer handbags that are impossible to find in the open market. Her clients come from all around the world, drawn by her ability to match their needs with the perfect handbag.

Katie’s passion for fashion is evident in her work, as she goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are completely satisfied with their purchases. She takes the time to understand their individual tastes and preferences, and works closely with them to find the perfect handbag to match their style. Whether they are looking for a vintage Chanel flap bag or a limited edition Hermès Birkin, Katie has the knowledge and expertise to find the perfect piece.

It is not just her clients that benefit from Katie’s expertise, Chiswick auction house is one of the premier destinations for designer handbags in the world. Her hard work and dedication have been instrumental in building the reputation of the auction house and making it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

Katie’s commitment to her clients extends beyond just finding the perfect handbag. She also works closely with them to ensure that the buying process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. From the initial consultation to the final transaction, Katie is there to guide her clients every step of the way. She is always available to answer any questions they may have and provide expert advice on the best way to bid on a handbag.

Handbags can be considered a good investment for a few reasons. Firstly, certain luxury handbag brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes, have a strong reputation for quality and craftsmanship. These bags often increase in value over time, making them a good investment in terms of resale value. Additionally, these brands have a timeless aesthetic that never goes out of style, so they will always be in demand. Secondly, handbags are a functional accessory that can be used regularly, unlike some other luxury items, such as jewellery, which may only be worn on special occasions. This means that a handbag can be enjoyed while also potentially increasing in value.

All in all we are going to be sitting down and watching Miss Healy going through her career and watching out the new trends in the market as they come and looking forward to see what she does in the future.

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