New mortgage start-ups launching in Latin America – Toperty and Saturn5

New mortgage start-ups launching in Latin America – Toperty and Saturn5

Latin America has two new mortgage fintech start-ups, with Toperty launching in Colombia and Saturn5 gearing up for launch in Mexico.

Based in Bogota, Toperty is a Colombian mortgage fintech start-up that is aiming to make homeownership “accessible and simple” for Latin Americans.

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Toperty is a Colombian mortgage start-up

“We eliminate financing barriers such as initial debt and down payment and reduce all friction throughout the homeownership process to make it accessible and simple,” the firm says.

Toperty offers to buy the new home for a customer upfront and offer a monthly payment plan through which the customer can acquire the property while renting it off the company.

Through the monthly payments, Toperty also offers customers the chance to build their credit score.

“Once you have acquired 20 percent or 30 percent of the home (equivalent to the down payment), we will help you go to a bank so that you can apply for a home loan and buy the remaining percentage from us,” the start-up says.

“Our vision is to democratise homeownership and increase financial freedom for Latin Americans by unlocking access to their dream home.”

Earlier this month, Toperty took part in start-up accelerator Pygma’s demo day looking to raise pre-seed/seed funding.

According to Crunchbase, the firm raised $120,000 in July 2022.

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Mexico City, Saturn5 aims to equip its customers with the ability and tools needed to purchase their own home.

The start-up says it wants to make applying for a mortgage loan “as easy and simple as asking for a credit card”.

Offering a single product – mortgage loans – Saturn5 says it does not want to “confuse” the customer. It adds that it will also aim to offer video-conference assistance, quick responses and a speedy process.

“We are building the best experience to apply for a mortgage loan where we treat you as a person and not as a customer,” the company says. “We want to help you not only to obtain your credit but also to pay it quickly and to continue growing in your financial goals.”

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