Phoenix police open investigation into reporter detained

Phoenix police open investigation into reporter detained

Phoenix police opened an administrative investigation into the detainment of a Wall Street Journal reporter on Nov. 23 in north Phoenix, officials said. The investigation will be conducted by the department’s Professional Standards Bureau.

Dion Rabouin, a finance reporter for the Journal, stood outside a Chase Bank at around 2:40 p.m. in north Phoenix, conducting brief interviews with people walking inside for a story about banking.

A Phoenix police officer, Caleb Zimmerman, approached Rabouin about a trespassing call he said was placed by bank employees, according to reporting by ABC 15.

In a police report filed by Zimmerman, bank employees claimed they told Rabouin to leave the property after getting complaints from customers who felt uncomfortable.

In a video provided by a concerned citizen Katelyn Parady, Rabouin told Zimmerman that no one at the bank had asked him to leave but he would if he was given a chance.

In the video, Zimmerman handcuffed Rabouin as Rabouin repeated that he would voluntarily leave.

According to the report, Zimmerman wrote that Rabouin didn’t provide identification and told him he was trespassing.

Zimmerman claimed that he had spoken with an employee at the bank and was told that the bank was willing to “aid in prosecution if Dion was unwilling to leave,” and wanted Rabouin removed from the property.

Throughout the video, Rabouin told Zimmerman that he would walk away from the property if he would uncuff him.

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