PoetrYY Finance announces partnership with Mbanq and names Chairman of the Board

PoetrYY Finance announces partnership with Mbanq and names Chairman of the Board



Jan. 31, 2023

/PRNewswire/ — Respected Wall Street banker and Founder of 7Even Hills Venture Capital, a fintech-focused VC firm based in

New York, NY


Delon Turner

has been officially named chairman of the board of PoetrYY Finance, a digital financial technology services enterprise partnered with Mbanq.

PoetrYY Finance embraces the core mission of providing financial services to startups, minority-owned small businesses and individuals, with a particular focus on disenfranchised and unbanked communities. A major Total Addressable Market for PoetrYY Finance will be to assist HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) with gap funding, loans and lines of credit as well as other financial services.

Mbanq, a leading global Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Credit Union-as-a-Service (CUaaS) provider and technology innovator, provides a complete digital banking and financial services ecosystem which includes fintech, anti-money laundering and risk management support, as well as customer-facing digital banking apps. PoetrYY Finance is a transformative fintech services platform that connects customers with digital banking services.

Honored and humbled by the chairmanship appointment, Turner concurs with PoetrYY Finance’s mission. He has grassroots experience of the needs that PoetrYY Finance’s customers have, as he is a graduate of Florida A&M University, and grew up in the same communities that the company will serve. “Taking on this important role marks the next logical progression of a noble professional journey for me,” Turner states. “7Even Hills has been working diligently to strategically partner with PoetrYY Finance and its team, from early conception to current implementation. This partnership provides another unique opportunity for 7Even Hills to serve on a higher platform, from which we can open doors, by providing services and opportunities and in so doing, uplift communities,” he adds.

About PoetrYY Finance

PoetrYY Finance is not a bank. PoetrYY operates as a digital fintech company. Through its partnership with Mbanq, PoetrYY will provide financial products and services while offering financial equality and inclusion through technology and innovation. For more information, visit



About Mbanq

Mbanq is a U.S.-based Banking-as-a-Service provider with a comprehensive “as-a-service” portfolio, including compliance, lending, back office, disputes and complaints. Launched in 2016, Mbanq is a technology partner to credit unions, banks and non-bank financial institutions. It provides the innovative capabilities necessary to create and operate digital financial services. Mbanq is a fully compliant, vertically integrated solution that covers the entire range of banking products for retail and corporate clients, with front-to-back-office functionality. Mbanq’s white-label mobile apps and open banking API enable access to best of breed fintech innovators while offering a modern digital experience to banking customers. For more information, visit



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