PraSaga awarded with the US patent for placing a full operating system onto blockchain

PraSaga awarded with the US patent for placing a full operating system onto blockchain

PraSaga awarded with the US patent for placing a full operating system onto blockchain

Swiss blockchain startup PraSaga has reportedly found a way to execute multiple actions on the blockchain simultaneously

By Shashank Bhardwaj

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On Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent to blockchain startup PraSaga. According to reports, the company received the patent for its method of processing message-passing transactions. This enables them to deploy a full operating system, dubbed ‘SagaOS,’ on the blockchain. The U.S. patent number is 11436039B2. PraSaga is a Swiss corporation. Its goal is to create the next generation of Layer One blockchain. It also aspires to provide the world with a limitless global infrastructure. Through this, the company wants to build a system that will benefit users all over the world.

Earlier, US Securities and Exchange Commission Commissioner Hester M Peirce praised PraSaga as a potential ‘Transportation Security Administration [U.S. air travel pre-security clearance] precheck’ for the regulatory use of blockchain. The patent is titled ‘Systemic Extensible Blockchain Object Model Comprising A First-class Object Model And A Distributed Ledger Technology.’ It is concerned with the processing of multiple messages passing transactions via blockchain. In other words, PraSaga’s systemic extensible blockchain object model is covered by the patent. It includes a first-rate object model as well as distributed ledger technology.

Michael Holdmann, CEO and Founder of PraSaga, said in a statement, “The award of this patent enables PraSaga to take another significant step in delivering the next evolution of blockchain architecture – by providing the ecosystem with a major building block in scalability…Our technology fundamentally changes how a blockchain can scale by enabling SagaOS to execute operations and functions directly off of SagaChain, enabling much more complex problems to be solved and a globally hardened codebase.”

During its keynote speech at the Crypto Valley Summit, PraSaga is expected to discuss the significance of this patent. It is worth noting that this year’s summit will be sponsored by PraSaga. PraSaga claims that its proprietary methods enable the simultaneous and mass execution of multiple actions. This is different from how smart contracts currently work. At the moment, smart contracts can only process one transaction or action at a time.
The patent was applied for in 2019. PraSaga currently lacks both a publicly traded token and a mainnet. The SagaOS team stated that they hope to build an operating system on native SagaChain that stores the class trees and logic for smart assets saved in individual SagaChain accounts.
David Beberman, PraSaga’s co-founder, chief technology officer and inventor of the technology, was quoted saying, “This is going to improve the ability for developers to create applications, manage their codebases and address real-world challenges…We set out to address parallel processing of transactions and in the process built a method for writing blockchain applications that more closely matches other applications environments.”
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