Stellar (XLM), Fantom (FTM), And Flasko (FLSK) Are Altcoins With Huge Growth Potential – CryptoMode

Stellar (XLM), Fantom (FTM), And Flasko (FLSK) Are Altcoins With Huge Growth Potential – CryptoMode

Bitcoin was able to keep its head above the $21,000 level last week as the cryptocurrency market began to experience an early pump. Many various types of altcoins have started to climb, such as Stellar (XLM) and Fantom (FTM), but there is one unique cryptocurrency on the block that has the entire cryptocurrency world thrilled. It is called Flasko, and it has the potential to demonstrate 100x gains shortly.

Stellar (XLM) Is Still Expected To Grow

For a while, Stellar (XLM) was headed for a crash, but when the crash stalls and Stellar (XLM) gradually stopped losing value, there was only room for growth. All individuals who just invested in Stellar (XLM) at a lower price need to hold onto the Stellar (XLM) coins they already have while the price of the currency increases.

If you acquired Stellar (XLM) at a very low price and sold it at a very high price, you could undoubtedly get 100x values. The ideal moment to do that is right now, given Stellar’s (XLM) extremely low position.

Fantom (FTM) Growth Is Not Possible Soon

Fantom (FTM), in contrast to Stellar (XLM), has been falling for almost a year. In almost a year, Fantom (FTM) has yet to experience any significant success, and the few brief bursts of growth it did experience were incredibly brief. After a protracted length of time, Fantom’s freefall is finally starting to calm down, but – like Stellar – from here, upwards should be the direction.

The price of Fantom (FTM) can only fall so far. The greatest moment to invest is when Fantom (FTM) has already overcome that, and the currency is still worth very little. People will likely buy in once prices start to increase; therefore, your odds of profiting 100x off of Fantom (FTM) are quite slim.

Flasko (FLSK) Is Expected To Give Early Investors Huge Returns

With Flasko allowing investors to engage in the NFTs of pricey, rare wines, whiskeys, and champagne, many investors are scrambling to add it to their portfolios. Flasko can evolve into a Blue Chip protocol, according to many experts and cryptocurrency millionaires. 

The platform allows users to invest their money in collections of rare and extraordinary wines, champagnes, and whiskeys. The expected 100x growth assumption in the value of Flasko by the end of 2022 will benefit early investors the most.

Due to smart contract audits with the German company Solid Proof, investing in this project is sensible, given that it has established a 33-year liquidity lock. Put money into this project as soon as possible while it’s still only $0.077. By 2023, the price is anticipated to be $3.50.





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