The $2,000 Bank Bonus: Which Banks Have It and How Do You Get It?

The $2,000 Bank Bonus: Which Banks Have It and How Do You Get It?

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Banks often attract new customers by offering generous bonuses to new checking or savings account holders or new credit card members. Those who open a new account and meet specific requirements can earn $100, $300 or even $2,000, an amount that tops most bonus offers. 

So which banks give free money for signing up? Most major banks offer new account bonuses, including Wells Fargo and TD Bank to name a few. However, few are as rewarding as Chase’s $2,000 bank bonus for those who can transfer $250,000 into a Private Client account or Citi®’s Citigold® $2,000 bonus for depositing $300,000. The requirements to earn these hefty bonuses are steep but worth considering for high cash-flow individuals.

What Are the $2,000 Bank Bonus Offer Requirements?

Here is an overview of the qualifications for the Chase and Citi $2,000 bonus opportunities.

The Chase Private Client $2,000 Bonus Offer for 2022

The Chase Private Client $2,000 bonus offer requires the transfer of $250,000 or more in new money or securities into a combination of eligible Chase checking, savings and investment accounts. The account holder must maintain the $250,000 balance for 90 days from offer enrollment. Chase will award the $2,000 bonus within 40 days of meeting all enrollment requirements.

The Citigold® $2,000 Bonus Offer for 2022

To earn the Citigold® $2,000 bonus offer, a new account holder must open a Citigold® checking account and deposit $300,000 in qualifying funds within 20 days of opening an account. The balance must be maintained for an additional 60 days from the 21st day to receive the bonus.

Other New Account Bonus Offers

While most banks don’t offer a $2,000 bonus, many do offer promotions worth considering.

Bank and Account Type Bonus Offer
Wells Fargo Everyday Checking $200 for receiving $1,000 or more in qualifying direct deposits within 90 calendar days from account opening
U.S. Bank Smartly Checking $300 for $3,000 to $5,999 in direct deposits or $500 for at least $6,000 within 60 days of account opening
SoFi Checking $50 to $250 when signing up and receiving $5,000 or more in direct deposits
PNC Spend, Reserve & Growth (Checking and Savings) or Spend (Checking) $50 for $500 of qualifying direct deposits, $200 for $2,000 of direct deposits, or $400 for $5,000 of direct deposits within 60 days of opening a new account

Does Chase Bank Have Any Other Promotional Offers?

The Chase $2,000 bonus is only available to those who can meet the $250,000 Chase Private Client transfer minimum . Still, Chase has a more accessible bank promotion for its Total Checking and Secure Banking.

Those who meet new account requirements when opening any of the following accounts can earn a bonus:

  • Chase Total Checking®: New accountholders who set up direct deposit within 90 days of account opening will receive a bonus of $200. New Chase Total Checking customers who also open a Chase Savings account can earn an additional $300 bonus by depositing a minimum of $15,000 within 30 days of offer enrollment and maintaining the balance for 90 days.
  • Chase Secure Banking℠: New account holders who make at least 10 qualifying transactions — debit card purchases, Zelle transactions, online bill payments and more — will receive $100 within 15 days of making the 10th qualifying transaction .

Which Banks Give a Bonus for Opening a Savings Account?

Those interested in opening just a savings account can consider the following options:

Discover Online Savings Account

By opening a new online savings account with Discover, you can receive a bonus of $150 if you open the account and deposit at least $15,000 in the first 30 days. A step up from that, Discover offers a $200 bonus for a $25,000 bonus in the first 30 days.

TD Bank Simple Savings

New account holders who open a TD personal savings account online can earn a $200 bonus by depositing $10,000 or more within 20 days of account opening and maintaining the $10,000 balance for 90 days from the initial deposit date. TD Bank provides several ways for account holders to avoid a monthly account maintenance fee, including maintaining a $300 minimum balance or linking the account to a qualifying TD checking account.

Choosing a Bank Bonus Offer

Whether someone can qualify for a $2,000 bank bonus or a $100 bonus, when comparing bank account options, they should look past the bonuses to also consider fees, annual percentage yields, minimum balance requirements and account features. Choose an account with low or no fees to ensure these costs won’t ultimately eat up the bonus offer. For accounts that pay an APY, an account with a smaller bonus offer but a higher APY may be a better option than an account with a larger bonus but a low APY.

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