The 5 Best Altcoin Exchange Apps

The 5 Best Altcoin Exchange Apps

If you like to trade crypto, many great, popular apps out there make it easy.

But what if you want to trade altcoins or meme coins? Most major platforms don’t support these coins. However, these coins offer the best chance for a return on small investments, making people want to trade them.

Thankfully, some apps make it easy to buy altcoins on the go. While cryptocurrency can be a risky investment, you just might hit it big with an altcoin. Here are the best altcoin apps to try if you’re looking to start exchanging altcoins.

1. Trust

Trust, formally Trust Wallet, has been around longer than most altcoin apps out there. Not only is Trust a great app to store your cryptocurrency, but you can also buy crypto, including altcoins, within the app. Best of all, you can buy crypto with Apple Pay to get it fast.

Trust also integrates with PancakeSwap, one of the best altcoin marketplaces. Recent updates made the connection iffy, but it still works fine at the time of writing. If you’re interested in altcoins, PancakeSwap is the best marketplace, as most new altcoins start here.

The only downside is that not many altcoins are available yet through the main Trust app. But rest assured, it does appear that Trust does add new coins when these coins are available through its payment processor. There is also a minimum purchase with crypto, which some users might not like, and most of the time, it’s a 50-dollar minimum.

However, this purchase minimum doesn’t apply to purchasing through PancakeSwap. Although you may need to buy coins like BNB through Trust to use on PancakeSwap, Trust is still possibly the best altcoin app.

Download: Trust for iPhone | Android (Free)

2. eToro

Although eToro is Known for being a stock trading app, it also helps users trade cryptocurrency without fees. With eToro, you can easily deposit money into your account and start buying crypto immediately. eToro does have a great selection of altcoins, too, more than most other stock apps.

One interesting feature of eToro is that it credits each user with a $100,000 virtual portfolio so that you can learn about the stock and crypto market. This is also a great way to test out the features of eToro and once you get the hang of it, invest your real money.

While eToro is great, it might not have all the altcoins you’re looking for. After all, it’s known for being a stock app. But it could be the perfect app for you if you like betting on penny stocks or other stocks along with altcoins. It’s also better than Robinhood, as it doesn’t have a history of shutting down trades.

Download: eToro for iPhone | Android (Free)

3. Webull

Also known as a stock trading app, Webull is another great app for crypto trading. Like eToro, Webull does have many of the same features, including watchlists. Webull also integrates with the Apple Watch, so you can get real-time charts and alerts.

If you’re interested in trading crypto, Webull lets you get started for one dollar, something that altcoin traders love. After all, many altcoins might not take off, so small investments are key to success, hoping one gets big. This is what makes Webull a great altcoin trading app.

Webull is also ahead of the times when it comes to altcoins. Most other major platforms won’t entertain altcoins until they get mainstream appeal. Webull was one of the first to offer trading in Shiba Inu and other coins, so you can get a jump start on new coins.

Webull is also better than Robinhood, as Robinhood is generally a poor trading platform.

Download: WeBull for iPhone | Android (Free)

MetaMask is a great cryptocurrency browser extension that helps you exchange altcoins on your PC or Mac. MetaMask also has an app, so iPhone and Android users can access their wallets on the go. If you don’t have MetaMask yet, you can also create a wallet.

MetaMask is an excellent wallet for buying and holding altcoins. While you can’t buy altcoins on MetaMask directly, you can buy them through exchanges like PancakeSwap and hold them in MetaMask. MetaMask also lets you buy coins like ETH, which you can use to exchange for altcoins in PancakeSwap. All you need to do is find an excellent altcoin to invest in.

The only downside is that MetaMask can get tricky with certain altcoins. After all, MetaMask has different wallet folders for different blockchains. This cannot be very clear to some new users. But if you are a more experienced crypto trader and already use MetaMask on your desktop, then the MetaMask app is right for you.

Download: MetaMask for iPhone | Android (Free)

5. KuCoin

KuCoin has been around for a few years but is now starting to gain notoriety as one of the top apps for buying and selling crypto. With KuCoin, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. KuCoin also has over 700 coins available for trade or purchase, including many newer altcoins and meme coins.

KuCoin is also made for investors. With Spot Trading, Margin Trading, and Automatic Trading, you can trade crypto your way. You can also set when to buy more or sell your crypto to stay ahead of market changes. You can buy crypto with several different methods, including credit or debit cards, making it easy to start trading.

One thing that sets KuCoin apart is that you can earn interest on the crypto you hold in the app. While the interest rate varies, you can sometimes earn up to five percent APR just by storing your crypto here. KuCoin also has a great rewards system, paying out rewards in crypto.

Download: KuCoin for iPhone | Android (Free)

Should You Buy or Exchange Altcoins?

With altcoins like Dogecoin making some people a big profit, many are wondering if altcoins are a good investment. After all, some people invested little money into altcoins and made millions.

However, this experience isn’t traditional. Trading cryptocurrency can be unpredictable, and while it is possible that a coin will go to the moon, it’s also possible that you can lose everything.

You should only invest what you’re willing to lose when trading altcoins. That way, if you do lose out, you won’t be in trouble. But in the meantime, you might have an opportunity to hit it big.

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