These Altcoins are Expected to Manifest a Diverse Trend by the Weekend!

These Altcoins are Expected to Manifest a Diverse Trend by the Weekend!

 The top 2 crypto assets Bitcoin & Ethereum have been reckless for more than a couple of months. The current trend is flashing a notable upswing closely approaching, but the technicals point to a diverse trend ahead. Amidst the swelling market sentiments, some of the altcoins may undergo a significant trend reversal soon. 


Solana’s price is cemented along the support levels around $30 for nearly a week now. Hence extreme pressure on either of the sides may further enable the price to break out of the consolidation, regardless of the direction. 

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The SOL price is closely trading around $30 but the technicals suggest a notable drop may be fast approaching that may land up the price around the mid-20s. After reaching the last point of defense above $20, the price may rebound back above $30. Else a continued bearish trend may drive the price below $20. 


Polkadot price in the near times has been pretty bearish, moreover, after the May crash, the asset is failing to inculcate a significant bullish momentum. Currently, the DOT price is consolidating within a very narrow range which points toward an interim bounce in the short-term ahead. 

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After the rejection of close to $10, the asset dropped heavily below $7 for the consecutive time forming a double-bottom pattern. Therefore, the plunge is expected to hit the lower bottom below $5 at around $4.5, and look out for a bounce. Further, a notable upswing above $10 may enable the price to hover in a bullish region or the neckline of the pattern. 

This may further enable the price to inculcate a significant bullish momentum to pull a massive leg up above $15 very soon. 

Near Protocol(NEAR)

Near Protocol is displaying a slightly more diverse trend than Polkadot. The asset appears to have been preparing for a parabolic recovery to reach beyond $6 initially. Further, the bulls are expected to uplift the price above the crucial resistance at $7.5.

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Currently, the NEAR price is trading at the resistance and after a brief consolidation is expected to slice through the resistance and spike high to reach the target close to $5. On the contrary, if the bullish trajectory invalidates, it may again test the lower support to accomplish the double bottom pattern. 

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