Unizon Fintech Debuts New Platform To Deal In Unlisted Shares

Unizon Fintech Debuts New Platform To Deal In Unlisted Shares

Unizon Fintech has announced on Monday the launch of a new platform to deal in unlisted shares. The platform has digitalised a lot of manual processes which were done in a traditional way while dealing in unlisted shares.  

The new platform from Unizon Fintech will show transparently the prices at which shares are traded in the market. This will help users give a fair idea of the prices of unlisted shares at which they are being traded.

The company has also introduced a new feature on the platform to represent the market depth of a particular share to give investors a better idea of pricing of unlisted shares.

Currently, the platform is available in the Web version. But it is accessible from any device.

The platform also allows for a trustee verification for every transaction done on the platform. For this, Unizon Fintech has appointed a trustee who shall verify every transaction entered on the platform.

Amongst other features on the platform are also digitalised the User KYC process, payment process, E-mandate functionality etc. The platform has also promised a Mobile app for both Android and iOS users in the near future which will further enhance the accessibility of the platform.

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