Using Satellites And Artificial Intelligence, An Israeli Climate Technology Maps Where Carbon Is “hiding”

Using Satellites And Artificial Intelligence, An Israeli Climate Technology Maps Where Carbon Is “hiding”

Elbow Climate already has projects in place in Ecuador, Africa and the United States.

An Israeli company is combining artificial intelligence (AI) with satellite data in a new way, It does this to measure carbon uptake on land and at sea.

while doing, Elbow Climate contributes to preventing global warming and climate change by helping remove carbon from the atmosphere, The company has been based in Tel Aviv since 2019 and uses data from sensors on satellites to create accurate maps.

The carbon is stored there, benefiting landowners and governments by selling offset credits to polluting companies, The process is to submit actual carbon data that was put together by hand. For example, measuring the diameter of a tree trunk to see an increase in biomass.

Screenshot of an interactive map showing a portion of the African forest in red, showing a decrease in underground carbon, an increase in green, and no change in white. Photo: Courtesy Elbow Clima

with machine learning, The company teaches techniques to combine data from satellite sensors that scan vegetation up to 30 centimeters below ground level, The soil and roots are there, along with real-world information, allowing you to identify patterns that are used as the basis for carbon predictions in similar environments.

“AI detects correlations that a human would not find”Ariella Charney, Elbow’s director of operations, said. From humans to the smallest plants, all life on the planet is based on carbon. For millions of years, nature has balanced the carbon that enters the atmosphere with the carbon that leaves and is stored., For example, breathing, like volcanoes, emits CO2.

Using satellites and artificial intelligence, an Israeli climate technology maps where carbon is "hiding" - Aurora
Screenshot of an interactive map showing a portion of a forest in Ecuador where red indicates aboveground carbon reduction, green indicates increase, and white means no change. Photo: Courtesy Elbow Clima

Most companies that store carbon and sell credits are based in nature. And its forms range from the conservation of forests to the method of sustainable agricultural use. Using Elbow’s data, they have a good idea of ​​how much carbon they are storing and how much they can offset., And it achieves this with a resolution of 50 square centimeters per pixel.

For its part, the software regularly monitors over time, once a year, to ensure that the same forests that store carbon and make money aren’t cut down or burned and add carbon dioxide. turns into an emitter., The company has already signed several agreements to provide its mapping services.

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