Will fitness AI and automated trainers take the wellness industry by storm?

Will fitness AI and automated trainers take the wellness industry by storm?

By Prateek Sood

As digitalisation advanced, new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation arrived as a boon, assisting industries in overcoming the challenge posed by the lockdown. As the pandemic has pushed everything online, AI has revolutionized our lives in a variety of ways, including fitness, exercise, and physical well-being. Fitness organizations are currently experimenting with technological advancements in order to drive users by entering the market and generating a significant amount of buzz.

Indeed, fitness apps with industry-leading AI are gaining traction as consumers continue to prefer to exercise at home or on the move. Furthermore, as time passes, AI is becoming more integrated and allowing exercise along with fitness classes. With the advancement, technology is also furnishing an automated trainer, which is one example of how AI propels the wellness industry forward.

AI in the Fitness and Wellness Industry

As the world is changing with dynamics, AI is becoming an irrefutable fact and an integral aspect of the fitness business. Whether your fitness club utilizes AI or not, the industry will change. In addition to boosting positive effects on health by monitoring it with technological advancement in the digitally driven era, AI is increasingly being used to modify individual habits. For norms, artificial intelligence can track health behaviors and repetitive exercise routines, in addition to using the data to help in the fitness journey. As a result, AI is transforming the way we live and perform operations.

AI in fitness is undoubtedly transforming the sector. Whether you are a gym owner or a fitness enthusiast, the application of AI affects both parties. Companies are creating AI apps that will employ artificial intelligence to offer you real-time, customized instructions. As a result, the advantages of AI in fitness are considerable. This is one of the most recent fitness industry trends.

An AI-Based Personal Trainer

An AI-based personal trainer will be the next big thing in the fitness business. In their most basic form, apps like Sony advagym use artificial intelligence to help users achieve their fitness goals. Advagym has everything an individual needs to take the gym to the next level. These apps are created in such a way that they provide tailored fitness and lifestyle routines through which members can train using the training programs or be inspired by classes, exercises, and programs published by the gym. Personal trainers can offer programs, coaching, and detailed workout plans. Additionally, AI can be used to create personalized fitness plans based on your goals, eating habits, current fitness level, device data, and other factors.

Not only that, but the apps can also assess the workout and correct the form of the fitness enthusiast. With the help of connected hardware sensors in the gym, a cloud backend, and apps for fitness enthusiast, they can receive real-time feedback on workout posture in a one-on-one situation. These AI-based trainer apps are designed in a way to interact seamlessly and create a smooth user experience at the gym and beyond. For instance, if the person is performing the squat, the app will correct them if the knees are extended too far or the legs are too close.

As a result, new-age apps have emerged as a tool for individuals in the form of trainers, allowing experts to share their training programs and instructional videos with all fitness members or individual clients. They can also interact with clients remotely, regardless of their location, to provide training feedback and encouragement. Thanks to technologies people can now exercise anywhere and at any time by following personalized training with a tech-based trainer tailored to their fitness and goals.

Paving the way for the future

As a result of the evolving landscape, it is undeniable that our lives are becoming busier, and we rarely have time for regular exercise. However, these ordeals are being addressed in the fitness industry with the rise of artificial intelligence and personal trainers. These cutting-edge devices and applications aim to alter our fitness journey and increase awareness.

Furthermore, a few forward-thinking entrepreneurs have already begun to innovate market with smart fitness equipment. Moreover, paving the way for future technology to evolve as well as create a healthy generation and a happy community. In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is enhancing the fitness industry and changing people’s habits with the storm.

(The author is Director- Grand Slam Fitness. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of FinancialExpress.com.)

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